Interesting views

The temperature was just above freezing as we set off to buy provisions. I have no idea how the fridge suddenly became empty but we needed food for tea. That was all sorted in M&S so I suggested a foray to The Headland. I was quite surprised when he answered in the affirmative. He is really not keen on coming here. The temperature had risen but was still in low single figures but the sun and blue sky made up for that. We walked along the prom with the cool wind behind us. It was bracing but rather pleasant. There were lots of photographers running around. We guessed there must have been a passing rare bird which always causes such activity. We walked right along as far as the ships . The residents of these houses have lovely views across the bay and lots of interesting things going on as the ships load and unload. The fishing boats also enter the Marina by this route. The Fish Quay is just to the right at the end of this terrace. We walked back into the wind and were sorely tempted by the smell of fish and chips emanating from Verrills chippy. Several people were already sitting on the prom tucking into their take away. We resisted but now I wish we had done the same.

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