This is the entrance to the Hell fire caves that go deep into the West Wycombe Hill. A quarter of a mile underground the narrow winding passages take you into various chambers such as Franklin's Cave, Miners Cave and the Banqueting Hall finally ending up at the Inner Temple after you have crossed the bridge over the River Styx.
Sir Francis Dashwood originally excavated the Caves in the 1750s to give employment to the villagers following a succession of harvest failures. Waxwork models, a commentary, and realistic sound effects help to bring the history of these unique caves to life. Children can explore the tunnels and caverns staying cool on a hot day, and dry on a wet day.
I thought this is a good Mono Monday photo for spooky because the devil himself is sat at the entrance to the caves. Thank you to Nickimags for the MM challenge.. I hope you’re all well.

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