Afternoon walk shot for a change ;-)

It's so cold in here. It hasn't been this cold in October here since 1979! We have our winter weather. From shorts to jackets and beanies. 

My whole day has been spent doing a new sofa cover. During summer months the other one was dry in few hours. Now that the winter is here I need to have another one to switch to when washing the other one. So I did the covers and the pillowcases. Here it is:

Before that in the morning I boiled all the corks I have. It did not smell good.  Now the corks are drying and tomorrow I'll try to craft up something from the corks. It's not easy boiling corks, you know, as they keep floating! I think some of them only got steamed, so I hope that is enough. I have no idea if I'm able to make anything out of the corks. I feel the pressure to succeed.

The air is so clean at the moment that we can see about 100km I think. All the mountains around us are so sharp!

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