Bike ride

Flat calm and dry and perfect for a bike ride!  It is such a joy to just go!  To see so many more birds than you do from the car, to hear the birds, to speak to cows and sheep as you pass, to be able to go a lot further than if you were on foot.  And the hills were so much easier with a bit of battery power to help!

Cleaned out the hens and put down some straw in their run, it's getting a bit muddy in there.  Gave them a couple of old cabbages to peck at too, Ruth and Jimmy gave me a sack of them, long past their best but perfect to keep the hens entertained, and Mike put in some hedge clippings which they are enjoying climbing on, anything to keep them occupied is a good thing!  Happy hens are what we are aiming for, although these two don't seem overly impressed with the presentation of their gin!  (Extra)

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