By HereWeGoAgain


So much has happened since I last blipped. My house has been sold. Moved in with LandscapeGirl. Buyer found for her property. Found, surveyed and decided against a property. Looked at lots of others. Found another property we both like. Handed my notice in at work. Never saw the last day due to illness (taken to hospital by ambulance with high blood pressure and chest pains. Diagnosis stress but with further tests to follow).

Now in a rental cottage in Weymouth waiting for the exchange of contracts on LandscapeGirls home before we can proceed with our home. I think we are nearly there.

This morning...
... was the first time in ages I picked my camera up and whilst it was a little struggle to leave the warm bed for the unknown I'm rather glad I did.  The sunrise wasn't to be but that was ok. I was out on the beach. Fresh sea air and peace.

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