By Veronica

Wet chrysanthemums

... seemed like a good theme today, as tomorrow is Toussaint, when throughout France people visit family graves and lay chrysanthemums or michaelmas daisies on them. Cemeteries are always spruced up at this time of year, and many non-florist shops, including the local corner shop, sell flowers for the occasion. As you can see, it was raining. Alternatives here and here.

Wish me luck ... I'm off to the first proper meeting of our new choir committee this evening. It's going to be a late night -- I've made some madeleines to sustain us. They are at least as good as the ones on GBBO the other week and without unnecessary fripperies (who ices madeleines?). Speaking of which, how ridiculous was that pitta bread on a campfire idea? Quite disappointed with the final, not because of the finalists, who were all lovely, but the stupid things they were asked to do.

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