By HereWeGoAgain

Different priorities

Oh how quickly things change. Yesterday when I blipped we were full of hope that we were at long last on the cusp of moving forward with the purchase of a home together. Then we heard our purchaser wanted to see the property again before the exchange.  On the surface a reasonable request but we have felt as if we have been kept on a piece of string for weeks now. All of this, of course, affects the house we wish to buy. More stress!

Different priorities? Well, I have blossomed in weight of recent and really need to get that and my general health on a better footing. So today was more about walking and acquainting myself with the local town (Weymouth) than it was about photography. Bit of a shame really as yesterday was the first time in a while that I've picked up my proper camera.

Today has been an overcast day on the whole and although there would have been photographic opportunities they would rather like today's blip been more about getting to know the local area than capturing anything special.

Today 1800 steps towards my exercise goal! Tomorrow I have to meet the buyer and see if our fears are real or just unnecessary waste of emotional energy.  Fingers crossed!

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