Kendall is here

By kendallishere

Halloween skeleton

It wasn't a ligament after all. Four years I've been blaming the poor ligament, and not a thing was wrong with it. It's osteoarthritis, bone spurs and the old torn meniscus, shredding up a bit more. So there's a Halloween mystery solved. I was lucky it was Halloween; the clinic had some cancellations and they worked me in. How appropriate, the photo.

Shot of steroids, a cane for a while, some anti-inflammatories, a little ice, and it will come right, as right as it wants to be. Happy Halloween, or Hallowmas, or Samhain. And tomorrow, Dia de los Muertos or All Saints, whatever you celebrate, if you celebrate. 

I guess I'll be sitting around for a bit with the leg up, so it's time to get back to the writing project. Won't be having any new adventures of the traveling kind, not for a while.

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