By tondrijfhamer

Lohues Electric

What a night!!

Annemarie and I went to Groningen, theater Oosterpoort tonight to see Daniël Lohues in concert. We've seen him lots of times in several theatres playing piano and singing his troubadour Drenthe-songs.
Tonight should be different. He announced to go 'electric' this time.
In the past he's made 2 albums with the Louisiana Blues Club and I know he can play the guitar very well. He cán play the Blues! That I knew.

But it's Wednesday, a regular working day an both Annemarie and I had our heads at work, not at a concert. But hey, we have tickets, so why not go anyway. So we did. We entered the venue around 19.30, the support act would start at 20.00.
What??? No seat available anymore??? What is this?? What's happening here!
No seats, means standing. And standing means I want the best place to stand. So we rushed forward and ended, after a bit gently shuffling (we know how...hence our Clapton concerts experiences), front row!

The support act (Marlene Bakker) came and went, and around 20.45 on came Daniël. Hat on.
And he took off and blew us away immediately!! 
We were in shock! Wow, that man can play!! What a unsuspected surprise. He played and played the Blues until 22.45. Meanwhile laughing and joking around with his typical Drenthe-humour. I love that man!

He turned an average Wednesday into a spectacular one.

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