By EvelyneNC

Letting go

A pharmacy cabinet that I acquired nearly 45 years ago totally by accident. Walked by that pharmacy, they had a sign „closing for retirement“ and were busy loading stuff on a moving truck, so their entry door was open. I peeked inside and saw two of these beautiful dressers with 40 drawers each. I was given a very good price if I promised to take both and pick them up within two hours. My best friend G. Did the transportation and took the other one.so it came with my stuff from Hamburg to Reno . Now we are preparing our move to Oregon and unfortunately there is no place in our house for this beauty. But it wasn’t difficult to find another friend who will give it a good new home. There is a book speaking of ‘death cleaning’ when it is time to downsize. I would prefer ‘cleaning for new life’ as what lies ahead of us is very exciting

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