Lost in Thought

By steveng

Spot the Blipper(s)

Westonbirt Arboretum today for a blip meet with:
and we met Lozarithm on the way around too :-)

The weather was kind,  cool but sunny and bright and although the trees might be past their autumn best it was still a good display. With the sun low in the sky there were some beautiful stripes of sunlight and shadow on the grass.

My blip includes some of the blippers, some in plain view, others in among the trees. 

Rather than link to everyone's blip you should be able to see them via the tag #westonbirtblipmeet  which you can find in my image tags or you could follow the link.  I may be first to post ... or perhaps everyone else is waiting to see how my dodgy spelling will interpret what we said should be the tag :-)

The world was put to rights
Lunch was eaten - we even found a table and sat together
Photographs were taken

Blippers are fine people to spend a day with - if you have not tried a blip meet they are a great way to meet up with a group of non-judgemental photographers.  Go-on ... you know you want to!

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