One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Dart TV... It's back

But that one does not look like your regular commuter. Far too relaxed. Far too smiley. Not oozing boredom. Does not sniffle. Does not stare at a smartphone. Does not opt for a painful-looking micro nap. 

No, she's definitely not from here. 

Must be someone from down the country. Visiting for the weekend.

She wouldn't have that smile on her face if she knew the level of noise and mayhem expecting her at her destination. 

Caught up with Nana in the city centre, for this is where I work now. Have I mentioned how much I love the Dublin Bikes? How can change your plan at the last minute. Pick one here, drop one there. On very few instances have I had to walk to another bike station because they were all gone, or because it was full and there was no parking space. And only once I picked a defective bike (front wheel puncture). The only slight improvement they can bring is on the reporting of faulty bikes, otherwise an absolutely brilliant scheme. 

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