Feeding Time

Freddie Fish : Did someone say they have just thrown some food into the river?  Quick we need to get up there.
Ollie Fish : How many times do I need to tell you it is not a river, we are in a tank.
Freddie: Sorry, I keep forgetting that, I haven't got a very good memory
Ollie:  OK, but we are not moving until she takes that camera away.  You do know we don't get paid for modelling, don't you.  Not even a treat now and then,  so stay where you are.
Freddie: But Ollie, there will be nothing left for us.
Ollie: You always manage to find the flaw in every plan don't you.

Of course Freddie was right and these silly fish had to make do with what was left, the other fish having eaten the best flakes.

The moral to this tale is always go as soon as you are called for your dinner, because if you don't there is always somebody ready to grab it for themselves. Thank you to Admirer for hosting the Silly Saturday challenge.

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