Wild Wednesday ....

Happy Hallowe'en!

Today was the perfect autumn day .... lots of sunshine and perfectly warm temps!

I started the day by going up the Jacobsburg State Park.  Not a lot going on there and the colors were a little blah ..... not to mention the three bus loads of school kids!  There was only one frog visible at the frog pond .... from there I walk around the park to one of the bridges over Bushkill Creek.  The background picture of my collage is the reflection in the creek. 

When I returned home I set up a small vignette for Hallowe'en for the chippies and squirrels.  I really struggled with this photo shoot today as I wasn't happy with some of the locations that I set up at first.  I finally resorted to my normal set up place and got the photo you see in the middle! 

The problem is the lighting is totally different here at this time of year.  The sun doesn't hit my feeding platform until late afternoon and then the sun is on the far left side creating shadows where I don't want them!

But I was finally happy with some of shots ..... a collage was in order!

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