We went into Bishop’s Stortford to get some new socket switches and various other bits and pieces. We had breakfast in Café Thyme before, which is today’s picture and then we did our shopping. We also stopped for coffee and flapjack while we were browsing in Waterstones bookshop. Also bought two new jumpers, I wanted a black and a white, which they had last week but this week they did not have my size in black so I purchased a dark navy and a white one.

Now for another rant, so no need tor read any further and more problems with the kitchen; by Friday it should be done. Once we had completed our shopping in town, we went into Wickes to get some wood and other stuff. All our sockets in the kitchen, and we have quite a lot, need to be replaced. According to the kitchen fitter you only need two, well he is not taking them out. Clearly he does not use his own kitchen otherwise he would know that kitchen appliances run on electricity! It seems that the “trunking” that holds everything in place is too low, by four millimetres so that the kitchen units and work surfaces will not fit underneath. It has been in situ for thirty-seven years without any problems. It seems it has to be lifted or changed, another job for my husband, hence the wood. I wonder why we had all the walls re-plastered and painted, when they are finished, we will need to do it again; they do not make good any damage to walls. We spent two hours in Wickes just trying to get what we needed. Premier Kitchen’s feedback, when I give it, will be with one star; none if that was possible. The gas fitter, who does not work for them, but was brought in because I had complained again, was efficient, helpful and pleasant; he can come again and service my boiler. The sales person from Premier Kitchens measured the space for the units, as did the surveyor and both agreed that the trunking would not be a problem. However, the kitchen fitter says that it will not fit and that they measured it wrong. I will be having another conversation or two or three with their managing director. I wonder how other people get these jobs completed, as you would not get anyone to lift the trunking at such short notice or work over the weekend to get it finished before Monday.

I am now off to check for any sites, press or media where I can leave feedback for them.

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