My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Scan #5

At her last couple of routine antenatal appointments Louisa's bump was measuring big. As it was over the upper percentile twice we were booked in for another ultrasound (scan #4) on Thursday. At that appointment they measured the baby and found that it was actually measuring on the small side but with a lot of amniotic fluid, polyhydramnios.
The midwife also couldn't find much fluid in the stomach and so we were booked in for an appointment with the consultant, Mr Gornall.

*Do not Google things that might get you even more terrified than you already are*

Luckily he was able to squeeze us in today before we went down to Cornwall -I don't know how we'd have managed to enjoy a holiday with that worry hanging over us. He was great and did a really thorough and detailed scan looking at movements and structures and features and anything else you could think of including the cord flow and doppler in the picture.
He -thankfully- couldn't find anything in terms of major abnormalities but also still couldn't find anything to explain the small amount of fluid in the stomach or the polyhydramnios. So we have to go back for more scans to monitor baby's size and the amount of fluid, and possibly more tests to determine the cause. At least we left reassured about worst-case scenarios.

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