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By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Ruched Ross'sling

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Went to see the Ross'sling at St. James's Park; it still has its fledgling patterned primaries, but is looking pretty mature, and has lost almost all hints of its brown plumage. All three were on good form: the father was being pretty vocal, the mother composed herself, and they were all approaching (tentatively) to take food from people (grass from my mother, and nuts from another passer-by).
The Ross'sling did lots of preening, and some impressive flapping (series right from here). They make such sweet shapes and funny faces, even the father with his uber-barnacly beak.

Also saw black swan cygnets (a first for me), and the protective parent chased off the pelicans which were paddling and preening nearby, so that was exciting.

Others here (or right from Black swan standing on shallow shelf)

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