Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

But where's the dog?

Walking with the family and their dog, in Witton Park. It's a lovely park that goes from being organised with cut lawns, 
through children's play areas 
that gradually give way to football pitches 
and adventure areas, 
that turn into woodland with steep hills and valleys
and finally you pop out in open fields full of cattle, sheep and suchlike delights.

There is a cafe that sells all sorts of pleasures, including the best vanilla ice cream. Sustaining fare for hungry walkers and their dog. But where's the dog? If I can persuade the internet to co-operate, I'll load one up of the lovely Bramble in all her elegance. Everything is going very slowly here for reasons unknown.

Lovely to have time together with my older brother Dave and sister-in-law Jude. We have been collectively preparing some worship for Jude's class in the coming week, working on our photos and making pizzas for tea. Keith's back is better by the day though not properly better at all. We have a plan for the coming week, entertainments, work, cinema visits, tea out on the town and for a Pink Floyd tribute band concert at the weekend. Lovely! We are hoping to fit in a blip meet too...

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