Muck spreader

I haven't actually left the house today as its been continuous rain or drizzle all day.  It would have been a good day to try and learn some photographic skills on photoshop but I had a bit of a back log on other computer activities for the walking group.  These took me almost all day but at least they are done now.

I was hoping to pop down to the allotment to plant some of the continuous fruiting strawberries I have been given but there wasn't a gap in the rain.  I did spot a tractor muck spreading in the field at the end of our garden and went upstairs to grab the camera - just incase they came too close.  But they remained a few meters away and it was taking place in the rain so I can't complain.  

It's surprising how the combination of poor weather and long dark evenings make you want to hibernate.  

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