Day at a Time

By Tweedy


One of the garden centre bargains from the weekend was a very nice terracotta pot full of sempervivum. I'm not a big alpine or succulent grower and to be honest I'm not sure I love these. But I know they're tough enough to withstand our winters and they're quite interesting. Good shapes anyway. Having done a bit of research I have discovered that there are world wide fans of what seem to be called 'semps' by those in the know.

Thanks to everyone who sent information and encouragement about my WW1 searches. The vital missing fact is the name of the regiment so I'm afraid I might be stuck. I wish I could search by date of birth but that doesn't seem possible. I will carry on though as I'd like to piece these things together.

A quietish day ahead until I collect the three year old from nursery later. Then the fun can begin.

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