By Philiphoto

An early day blip...

... to try to capture some colour and mistiness along the former railway track.

I would have liked a more visible person in the shot but, when you want one, they're nowhere to be seen. Otherwise, they are like the lass on the bike, with whom I might have collided had I not heard a light rustling behind me. Why didn't she ring her bell? - because she was using her right hand for her phone, as she peddled.

When I did get people in my shot (see first extra), they were quite distant; and it was only later that I noticed the squirrel, which wasn't in the two adjacent shots.

On the way back, I spotted the tree stump (second extra) - if you look carefully you can see a couple of coins inserted into holes in the grain and possibly another hole which once also contained a penny. Even as I type, there are Yorkshire men searching for their pliers before they set off to rescue the coins.

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