The view

The trees in the cutting are looking beautiful.

When we bought this house, 20 years ago, there was a rope hanging from the centre of ceiling in the garage. It must be attached to the rafter hidden above. The rope carried across the ceiling and down the wall.

We have had many workman here over recent  months and the rope now hangs vertically down. It gives me the heebeegeebees and I find it most unsettling. 

Clive says he will cut it down.

I should have flown to Belfast this morning, but again, I had to make the decision not to go at the last minute. The other fly in the ointment has awoken.

I am attempting it again tomorrow. Easyjet must love me; the woman forever buying flights and not turning up.

Anyway, Henry is in the hotel waiting for me. Fingers crossed for an undisturbed night and a smooth journey.

EDIT: The rope has gone!

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