"Honesty is ---

the best policy ".This follows on perfectly from Bella888 & her excellent blip of yesterday the 6th . I never expected to post such but here we go and it's with permission.NO MONEY WAS GIVEN : I went like a snail slowly oh so slowly to the photo  shop and saw this well dressed , healthy looking young man .He was honest & up front re what he wanted money for .I stopped congratulated him on that much, but why not work . From a member country of the EU , speaks little German & has a family back home parents + siblings . There are loads of casual jobs here & he could if he wanted, wash dishes .I once knew an aging Kiwi who came & did just such plus learned German . Respect.
Having told  him where he could get food gave him a large piece of banana bread. If he sells it that's up to him ,it saved me from calories .I don't feel anything save an even greater loathing of drugs however recreational they are classified.
Hope his honesty continues but if he becomes involved in selling his days are numbered .

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