Marking Time

By Libra

Park of Keir- Fake News

Once again our community is enraged at the inaccurate coverage given in a national newspaper –The Herald- and local paper – Stirling Observer stating that building will begin early next year of Judy Murray’s tennis centre houses, etc. on Park of Keir, our Greenbelt. ( see extra)
The  source of the story? a quote from Judy Murray – currently working in Portugal.
It is factually incorrect.
(a)            The Scottish Government have not given permission for this development to go ahead.
(b)           Stirling Council have yet to sign a Section 75 agreement (a legal requirement stating that the developer  will do what he claims he will do).
(c)            Judy Murray is not part of the Park of the Keir partnership behind this planning application. ( This was revealed under cross examination at the Public Inquiry. Until then everybody thought Judy Murray was part of the Park of Keir partnership when in reality she ws just a cheerleader).
 That is composed totally of Duncan King and his family – the developers. Therefore she has no legal say in what is basically a vanity project on her part and the developer is using her name to push through a lucrative housing development on a Greenbelt site.
Unfortunately she does not realise this. And traditional media, dazzled by a local celebrity’s efficient PR machine, simply publish what they are told.
Is it any wonder they have a falling circulation when they can’t even be bothered to check a few basic facts?
Hence fake news.
Meanwhile more and more people are turning to our Facebook page to find out the truth.

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