Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Birthday take two

Much about mrs tsuken's birthday yesterday didn't work out - including dinner and dessert, as the restaurant we were booked-in to had a fire. So it wasn't open. Dinner elsewhere was quite nice, but not as nice - and the desserts didn't appeal to the mrs.

So today I decided to make an attempt at an amazing dessert we had had a number of times previously at Restaurant Como: a rosewater meringue. So. I made meringue stuff, with a bit of rosewater, baked it a bit, made some whipped cream and marscapone with rose pink colouring and a dash more rosewater, put the one on the other and rolled it up. Sliced up for dessert, with berries, we had what you see here.

It. Was. NOM.

Not up to what Grant at Como used to make, but pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

And mrs tsuken was happy, so I'm happy. :-D

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