By seizetheday

Blue boat... the Tweed.

It started out as a trip in to Berwick to buy a set of mandolin strings that MrM needs for a commission. I said I'd tag along to do a bit of C******** shopping - things it's not possible to buy in Wooler. Then, in typical M fashion, it became a trip to Berwick via Kelso to drop off a repaired guitar, and to buy a little fuel, as there was dangerously little left in the tank by then. We stopped briefly by the Tweed to watch a fisherman, very probably the owner of this boat.

On the outskirts of Berwick, MrM ordered some wood from a builders' merchant, and we filled up the tank with fuel (diesel's 7p/litre cheaper than in Kelso!). By the time we got in to town it was lunch time, so we stopped for a bite to eat (very nice it was, too) and a coffee. Eventually, shopping done, we headed back to the car. "What about the mandolin strings?", I said to MrM. It seems that he'd found some in the workshop yesterday evening! "Didn't I tell you?"

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