Where's ya bin?

Quite a good day today - the sun's been out and it's not even raining!

Mrs M and I have been dealing with leaf mould, shovelling a great pile into many compost bags and storing them in the garage, whence they will be taken to a place of cultivation and held upside down until empty! 

The end result is two neat bins in front of the garage by the roadside, down below the house, the right one for use next year and the left one for this year's leaves, of which there will be many more when next the wind blows! We also had a major clean-up around the garage and parking area and hosed it all down. One must keep tidy for the benefit of passers-by!

One of the advantages - or disadvantages - of working beside the road is that many friends and neighbours pass by and either simply wave or stop for a chat, sometimes blocking the road with their cars! But people are generally patient!

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