Brave Blue World

By OlliEcological

More curry?!

Yes! And yes! It is impossible to become tired of curry or its myriad brothers and sisters.

On the right is a tiffin tin pot of something I lobbed together with what was cleared from the cupboard and fridge. I made a giant pot and it's onions (4), peppers (3), potatoes (4), garlic (two BULBS), cabbage (half a head), tomatoes (one tin, chopped), peas (400g ?) and a bloody great load of vindaloo paste (500g). I added vinegar (normal malt stuff and it makes it taste sublime), turmeric and hot chile powder. Used sunflower oil to keep the sat. fat down.

On the left is something that took more care. It's a dhal made with both red and green lentils (roughly a pint - dry). Went thus;

Soften half an onion and five cloves of garlic in oil.
Bring the lentils to the boil in too-little water and then when the spuds and cabbage from the main curry are done, add the water from them to make up enough. Keep simmering.
Add the softened onion and garlic.
Add some Kalonji (black onion seeds), yellow mustard seeds, cumin seeds and turmeric - teaspoon of each.
Simmer til lentils are done and drain.
Chuck some of the liquid back into the main curry if it needs any extra moisture.

There you go. Enough for six or seven good meals, twice as many if you serve with rice. Cost about a tenner and therefore a few pence per nosh.

You may wish to avoid this if working with anybody who is averse to flatus.

Frankly, tasting this good, I don't care.

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