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Russian evening

It's not often I don't manage to blip on the day in question - and even less likely that I leave it till teatime the following day - but I was for my bed last night, at 1am, after a great concert and dinner with a Russian guest. I may well have blipped about this before, but as it's two years since Voskresenije (the word means "Resurrection"), the vocal ensemble from St Petersburg, performed in Dunoon I feel justified in doing so again. This was one of the best performances I've heard in the years they've been coming to Holy Trinity Dunoon, a tradition that began with their first visit in 2002. 

It's been quite a thing, organising it again - harder without an incumbent in the church, harder as the host families I've relied on in the past become too old to cope with offering hospitality. But even as I ached with exhaustion last night, I was buoyed up by the success of the evening, the sight of a full church, the sound of the audience clapping and stamping, the glorious sound of the voices. And I have to confess that I enjoyed doing the introduction this time, with the sound system to make it easier.

I shall be listening to them sing again tonight, as their latest CD has last night's programme on it - including Mr PB's arrangement for high tenor of My love is like a red, red rose. But this blip shows the start of the second half of the concert, as Jurij (the conductor) comes back to the centre stage. It's one of the few that has all the singers in it.

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