The sea invaded Slapton Line,
stormed in and swallowed the road.

Now it's reopened, but work goes on,
so traffic still is slowed

while today, the stormy rain and gale
remind us human strength is frail.

Our strength is frail.

© Celia Warren 2018

This afternoon was not a day to be out on the road unless you had to be. I was glad that Mr PP drove me to the health centre for me to have my ears syringed. Especially as the process left me quite dizzy, which took me by surprise! Still, it didn't last long. Haven't noticed a huge improvement in my hearing, and my tinnatus is as loud as ever. Perhaps I am slowly going deaf, like those who went before me? Hey ho!

Came home to tea, cake and watching the recorded final episode of Bake Off! Was so pleased to see Rahul win - such a sweet man - and so creative - AND a fellow alumnus of Loughborough University. Go Lufbra!

So, as the wind continues to howl, the curtains are drawn and we're ready for a cosy weekend. Hope yours is a good one.

Ha! I've just noticed that for the third day running, my blip is predominantly red and green!

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