hello again

By admirer


It had rained during the night. A good thing.
The day was lovely sunny, and we enjoyed it.
In the morning I put my last bulbs in the ground, Mischa phoned, so nice to hear her voice, reading in my book. All so peacefull.
80 And also 100 years ago this part of the world looked so different, the signs of the coming tragedy of WorldWar 2 were casting a shadow, a deep and dark shadow.

In the afternoon we walked along the river Weser in the direction of Herstelle. We choose a path at the other side of the railroadtrack that is forbidden to follow. I once with Mischa had followed it, and I suggested to Piet Hein we would walk it, because the trees and shrubs along it had the most glorious colours. And the stop sign for walkers had been removed. Another sign warning for falling rocks from the hills still there.
But that did not stop us. On the path there were now and then bigger and smaller stones that obviously had come down from above.
Nothing came down when we walked there.
The sign with falling stones one can see here at many places along the roads. I always try to think how one could protect oneself when some rock should come down.
We safely arrived Wuergassen, sat on a bench at the riverside and had a nice view of Herstelle.
We walked back on our familiar path and came home just before dark.

Tomorrow the 10th of November a new Silly Saturday Challenge.
The tag is #SilS110, or #SillySaturday110, and #SillySaturday will do too.
I wish you can find some silly, absurd or comical images.

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