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A different kind of fruit picker.....

Walked up to Merchiston today, via the cycle track as far as Roseburn and came across a hive of activity at Ravelston Dykes. (I always want to quote Maisie's granny here and mention the Siamese families who live there.) Please forgive me if the reference means nothing to you, it's a local quotation.
Two men with blowers were clearing all the leaves off the cycle path and then the man on this cherry picker was fixing the street lights. I'm not sure how effectual blowing the leaves off a tree lined path is, but we'll see, and it was getting very slippery. In a kind gesture they stopped their blowers as I walked past them too.
I was impressed though that the work was being done as there have been a few incidents on the paths recently so keeping us safe as we use them is good!
The other good news is that I've been given an ongoing grant for my work in India which will give me a contribution to my travel and the donation I leave there every year, so that's taken a lot of pressure off me and my pension! Thank you very much, you know who you are. X

Steps today, 13,595
I can't believe that I am able to even consider walking to Merchiston from here and then that I can actually do it. A real change in my fitness level over the past 6 months. :-)

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