Just Me

By clive1079


Just a fun Blip for today ....
Who would have thought Mike Tyson was a vegetarian?
Sign found in the Hari Krishna Temple Garden at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Letchmore Heath. 
I am lucky to live close to this peaceful Temple and be able to wander the grounds and meet new people.
I keep meaning to blip a photo of the George Harrison Memorial Garden. If you are not aware George donated this Manor to the Hari Krishna movement when he himself was practicing their beliefs. Following a trip to India in 1967 by the Beatles, George and John in particular, became very close to the spiritual leaders and in 1970 George donated this mansion to the Hari Krishna. 

The day has been bright and sunny and after getting up at 5.30am to play taxi driver I went back to bed and woke at 9.30am feeling very grumpy indeed. However a bit of fresh air works wonders!

Have a great day everyone.

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