Beach Pastel

I had intended to do some landscape photography on Friday morning after coffee but found it was quite hazy and normally that is a definite no-no for landscape work. However, on Wednesday evening at the photography club we had had another talk from Irene Froy who is an absolute master photographer in the art of impressionistic pastel landscapes an this inspired me to have a go at this sort of style of photography. These images seem to work best if there one small element in the picture which is pin sharp whilst all the rest of the image is blurred and diffuse like washes of colour. I tried one or two shots but found my principal subject was too large in the image and this distracted from the impressionistic style. eventually I landed up at Belhaven Beach. The Bridge to Nowhere was far too strong in the foreground but I saw this lady (fortunately in a pink kagoul) with her bike and her dog in the distance and this allowed me to have a tiny patch of focus in diffuse overall image. My first try at something like this (so not brilliant) but I might persevere with this style of imagery.

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