... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Eidamascus

More and less mono in large.
Extra: White-winged duck washing

My mother and I visited the wetland centre at Barnes in the afternoon: arrived to glorious autumn sunshine and were driven away by increasingly torrential rain... Nice mix of conditions photographically.

I tried to take more different photographs (i.e. point my camera at anything other than the Most Beloved emperor geese and nēnēs) and was pleased with some of my portraits (inc. wood ducks, Laysan ducks, Puna teal, ringed teal, fulvous tree ducks, falcated ducks, and mandarins).
We watched the white-winged ducks having an epic splashing, preening, and flapping dry session, which was especially amusing because their unbalanced clipped wings lefts them pirouetting and spiralling dramatically when they flapped to dry their wings. I ended up with many series of shots, which pushed up my total for the day...
The other dramatic sight was a scrappy tiff (right from here) between a mandarin drake and a mallard, presumably over whether quantity or quality or iridescence wins in plumage top trumps. The mandarin eventually took the high road...

Today's others here (or right from Wood pigeon in woods)

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