Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Remembering, with Byrd and a small dog

I've taken a great swathe of sunset photos today - I'll put one of them as an extra - but I rather liked this one as being somewhat different from my usual scenes. It was taken in All Saints' Church, Inveraray, where I, along with Mr PB and an old friend,  was singing Byrd's Mass for Three Voices. (By way of explanation, I offer the text of the Facebook advert: 
as requested annually by Duke Neil Diarmid X of Argyll
Saturday 10th November at 12.30pm
The St Maura Singers will perform Wm Byrd’s Mass in 3 parts
All Saints’ Church by the Bell-Tower
The Scottish Association of Change-Ringers will attempt a Half-Muffled Quarter Peal in memory of the war dead.)

The photo shows Canon Simon extinguishing candles after the Eucharist; barely visible on the bench behind him is his dog, which had sat there, unnoticed and silent, throughout the entire proceedings. The church interior is of red brick, much marked by damp, and it is cold. Very.

However, refuelled by a splendid lunch in The George, we drove home round Loch Fyne under a wonderful sunset sky, the subject of my extra photos. 

I know I said one only, but ...

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