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By shotlandka

Ålesund from Aksla

Backblip - Very, very hard to choose a blip today after a fantastic day. I did the required climb up to the Aksla viewpoint (all 418 steps, though slowly and with lots of photos being taken!). I then wandered the paths on Aksla, then back down the hill and through town. Next on the agenda was lunch with a Russian family who live nearby. It being a very small world, we were part of the same church in St Petersburg in 1998! Then it was on the road and the ferry to get to my host's home village for dinner with his friends, a quick delivery to his gran, looking at his grandfather's old photos (who was one of the Norwegian resistance fighters who came to Scotland on the Shetland bus during WW2) and then back to Ålesund and up Aksla (though we drove this time) to try and catch the Northern Lights. Hardly visible to the naked eye (a white mist), the camera managed to get some colour. See extra shots for that and a few others.

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