Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Live music

We had a rocky sort of evening with a Pink Floyd  tribute band in Darwen. this is the website for the band. They were pretty brilliant to be truthful! I discovered I only know some of Floyd's stuff, so there were plenty of surprises. 

One of the surprises was a really loud, yet  calm voice booming over the loudspeakers at the end of the interval "Remain calm and evacuate the building!" So we did. And the fire brigade checked the building, and we got to stand outside in the chilly air for half an hour. Which woke us all up and made us ready for the second half, and more familiar tunes.

Next Saturday we're going to go to another tribute band performance, Ga Ga, singing and playing Queen's music. How good is that!?! And all in a little former mill town in the north west of England. Well done us. The venue is a small one, intimate and cosy and a grand place to listen to music.

The rest of the day was more mundane, food shopping, walking in beautiful countryside in the off and on rain, lounging about the place and so on. We are so happy on our holiday.

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