I remembered around lunchtime that it was my 6 year Blip Birthday and I suddenly leapt into action and went into the city for a couple of hours to see what i could see!

There were a lot of people around as it is Remembrance Day and although i sat in a lot of nice spots hoping for something wonderful it didnt quite come my way.

I ended up stalking this butterfly for a while and finally got my shot! :o)

It’s been a most delightful six years of daily blipping and i’ve never missed one day. I’ve just been having a look back over the years and i can see that i’ve come a long way and met ( in the Blip Universe) a lot of wonderful blippers from all around the world. You are a fantastic bunch and i love seeing snippets of your days every day, keep up the good work and i will too!! :o)xxxxx

Onward with the 7th year whew!!

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