By Number147


The weather on Thursday was diabolical!

My trip to Belfast was just an overnight stay but the weather deteriorated and the flight to Bristol cancelled. 

I arrived at the airport drenched and the woman frisking me (I always get frisked) commented that I was damp right through. First stop was the loo where I took off some layers and attempted to dry them under the Dyson dryer.

I settled down to listen to The Tattooist of  Auschwitz and eat chocolate whilst keeping an eye on the Board. My flight kept moving. I heard that the previous Bristol flight landed in Birmingham so I knew that it did not look promising.

Our flight was "cancelled" which meant we could get a refund and try to buy another flight. However, it was soon ammended to rescheduled so Easyjet shipped the passengers to a number of hotels. (I have now deleted the Easyjet App because it showed our flight as on time!) 

It felt like those TV programmes about airports. I did not want to fly in high winds so was pleased to stay grounded. However, a few others were not and one girl in particular really kicked off. She was at the head of the queue and took the attention of 3 of the 4 staff attending to us. I was also at the head of the queue and was, quite frankly, enjoying the entertainment!

By 11.30pm, I was tucked up in bed in the Holiday Inn Express in Antrim. I had made new friends and was having a jolly time! Breakfast was really good too. 

Easyjet could handled things a bit better though. No announcement to us as a group; just Chinese whispers going down the queue. All single travellers were asked if they minded sharing a taxi!! There were 5 taxis. And we were told taxis would collect us at 11.15 am Saturday morningg. No taxis turned up and when our designated leader called the Easyjet helpline, they knew nothing about the cancelled flight or the 22 of us at that particular hotel. The hotel receptionist went beyond the call of duty and arranged taxis for 22 and then, at of the blue, a coach arrived.

We were given a £6 pre paid card each and I spent it on chocolate!

My new friend, Hilary, was keen to swop contact details but I managed to avoid all that. What's the point?

Nice drive home via Bath. Beautiful Trees. In bed by 8.30pm!

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