West Coaster

By WestCoaster

100 Years On

At the going down of the sun....

Two of my great great uncles are on our village war memorial, one a Cameron Highlander, one a Argyll, men I never knew.  On my fathers side my Great Grandfather for whom I am named is on one of these memorials.  When my dad died all I really wanted was my Great Grandfathers widow's penny but sadly I was left nothing and his despicable third wife did not have the decency to pass it to me, my family history lost....

I had a quiet moment this afternoon when I sat alone and wondered what might have been different had these men lived, what a difference it would have made, how things might have been different for us all. 

I know my dad was a disappointment to our family for he did not join the army... he joined the RAF!!!  I think I was the ultimate disappointment as I did not serve at all, it was never going to be for me, I suppose I did not have the sense of duty but that does not mean I don't care... I think about these men often, not just today for their time is a time I have read about and learned about and cared about all of my life

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