By tookie

Down in the Valley....

A very lovely day in Seattle today ....getting colder here and the week ahead promises to be a mixed bag!  
     It's remembrance day and we honor our veterans tomorrow which is a holiday for many.   My Dad and one Uncle were WWII vets and I knew many "boys" who were drafted into the Vietnam War.  I also knew many who applied for Consciencious Objector status during the Vietnam years and some who went to Canada.  My Uncle was a photographer in WWII and I read some of his letters I found in my parents attic after they died in 2001.  One of his letters just simply repeated that "War is Hell" .  He had photographed concentration camps...he never wanted to talk about WWII after he returned.
    I'm fearful that things are really getting ramped up again...also there still are so many wars going on peace ever going to be attainable. worldwide?  sigh  My heartfelt sorrow for so many who gave their lives in the horror of war ....
     Update on the Cowboy wearing his cone of shame...he is feeling much better and has some giddiup in his steps today...he has to continue to wear his cone until the vet takes the stitches out....but seeing him romping a bit today was great...thank you and many woofs from him for the loving concerns from his blip friends!!!!

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