A long day

Departure day. When I looked out the window I could see the day was going to be a bit misty. The view from the hotel room is in the extra. After a very retrained breakfast compared with the last few days we left the hotel at 8:20 for the Alilaguna boat to the airport.

Arriving at check in I was told our flight was delayed at least an hour due to the weather, but I would still make the connection for Aberdeen providing there was no further delay. There was a slight further delay which was enough to ensure we could not connect with our flight, even though it had not departed yet.

A five hour wait for the next flight. We were given vouchers for a meal. Lots of time for window shopping at Schiphol. We had a snack at an Asian restaurant. Our Aberdeen flight was full. It was the last flight of the day and maybe it is always full on a Friday evening. Got back to the apartment at about midnight Continental time, so a journey time of about 16 hours. It felt like a long day.

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