So Near

yet so far - see extras (I can't make up my mind whether to use the first extra or this one) - for Mono Monday :)

Mixed day -

over the weekend my Mum was taken back into hospital (thankfully she's out again now though) and very sadly my Uncle (Mum's brother in law) has been taken into hospital with kidney failure and is very poorly indeed in Spain where he and my Aunt have just gone back to their Spanish home  :(

So I've been rather depressed due to work on Friday and these two events over the weekend.  Today the Manager I had a problem with wasn't in the office, but someone else sent me a horrid email blaming me for something not my fault, and I ended up in tears at work (how very embarrassing) :( :(  I can only say I have some lovely colleagues who seem very supportive...but I am now exhausted with all this...

The lovely part of the day was my Slimming World class - I have lose 3 pounds this week - the most in quite a while, so consequently am a lot happier now :)

One down, four to go!  Happy Monday folks :)

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