The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Working on the new learning center

Today I took a walk with my friend Raven. We started at my house and went via the woods to June Road and on the Whatcom Community College where we met many years ago. Raven was a student studying math and I was coordinator of the learning center. She was a great student and became a math tutor. I was her boss. Raven was a great tutor, especially for students who were returning and had always been afraid of math. Somehow Raven came up with ways to ease them into new understanding. These included colorful charts and things the young math geniuses who also tutored didn't get at all. But they worked marvelously and Raven tutored for many years. I was very impressed with her work ethic. So when I retired and found out she was also a gardener I hired her to keep my garden going. She was fantastic at that. When I moved I no longer needed a gardener so we remain friends and once and awhile she comes to do the gardening I can't. So today she came for lunch and we walked.

This fellow is working on the new "Learning Commons" at Whatcom. In the extras are a picture of Raven at the wonderful fountain outside the science building made from Donovan Rock. The ball sits in a hole that is just its size so it moves with ease on the water that comes from under the rock. The second extra Is a closeup of the Veteran's Day tree up on the top of the new building. What I didn't notice until I was uploading my photos is that there are all kinds of signatures on the structure. Kind of cool I think. I imagine there was quite a ceremony at the beginning of this building project.

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