Occasionally Focused

By tsuken


I read sad news this morning: Stan Lee, of Marvel Comics, died. He was 95, so I guess I can't be mad at him, but still...

My photo is of a few of my Silver Surfer and related comics. Stan Lee always said that Surfy was one of his favourite creations; it was the only character over which he insisted on retaining creative control - with the unfortunate effect of making it more difficult for others to use the character, thus limiting Surfy's appearances.

Here I have six comics which together make up what I think is one of the best Silver Surfer arcs - nay, one of the best comic book story arcs - ever. The story began in Silver Surfer volume 1 #16 and 17, in 1970. Five years later, Fantastic Four 155 to 157 took it a little further, and in 1982, the Silver Surfer volume 2 one-shot wrapped it all up and concluded it. I think it's just wonderful that the threads of one story went across an entire decade.


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