By seizetheday

Catch of the day

Another of those November days when it doesn't really get light. So damp and dreary that MrM and I abandoned plans for a short walk at lunchtime.

So this afternoon, when MrM went for coffee with a client, I decided to walk down to the garden centre to buy some violas. Plants purchased, I walked back the long way round, mainly to make the number of steps on the step counter look slightly more healthy. As I walked by the Wooler Water, this guy caught my eye - he'd just caught a fish! To my amazement, I managed to get out the camera and take a few shots before he gulped it down! It really was a handsome bird - see extras, taken a couple of minutes later, after it had finished its meal and flown a couple of metres up the river.

Off to Pier Red with MrM this evening for the monthly jazz and wine gathering practice.

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