On higher ground

For WideWednesday with its theme 'Down your way' with thanks to Freyad for hosting this week. Although I live in The Netherlands (so the Low Countries) our part of the country is actually on the part where the clay ground below sea level meets the higher sand ground and that's visible here :-) Our village is called Hoogerheide (translated 'Higher heath') and the city we're closest to is called Bergen op Zoom (translated 'mountains on the edge'). Obviously there are no mountains here but there is definitely a height difference and our area is called the Brabantse Wal (The Brabant slope). The idea was that should all the dikes give way then the sea water would stop in the meadows at the bottom of the shot supposedly ( but with the climate change the sea level is changing too, so who knows...)

Remember tomorrow's Abstract Thursday optional theme is 'tapestry', take that as freely, literally or figuratively as you want. Tomorrow's tag is AT177.

Thanks so much for your kind comments, stars and even a fave for yesterday's tiny aphid ! :-)

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