By CleanSteve

The Police chopper

I was still in my dressing gown when I heard the familiar noise of a helicopter close by. It usually means one of three things: an air ambulance looking for a landing a site, a power company inspecting its overhead electric power cables, or trouble.

Today it was a police chopper slowly circling around above the main road at the bottom of the valley, although it could also have been to do with the canal. Sometimes they are searching for 'criminals' on the run, as happened recently when a burglar headed onto various roofs in the town centre. More often it is following when the police are chasing cars for some reason or another.

At one point the helicopter circled and came directly overhead so I grabbed this view. I did take better 'photos' but I liked the balanced form this made when seen from directly beneath. You can just see the big modules housing the various cameras which are rather big brother-ish.

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