Imitation is also a form of flattery

A homage to Lynnfot, who we spent the afternoon with. And a very lovely afternoon it was! Tasty food in the nicely appointed, newly refurbished pub, coffee and ginger chocolate biscuits back at her home with G who was taking a break from work. A trip to the north without a meet up feels weird now, and Lynn is recovering from a smashed shoulder and being convalescent is not so cool  so a visit was a must.

This is a view of Morecambe Bay, those of you who know Lynn's work will also know that her photos of this bay are a lot groovier! We visited her exhibition on our way back to Blackburn, you can see the website and Lynn's prints here - and admire the images, as we did over a very tasty pint.

The extra is of the watermill (18th C Heron Corn Mill in Beetham) we spent a happy half hour wandering round, it was running and there were lots of moving parts to watch. I am a big fan of machinery, especially when you can see it doing it's stuff. Giant cog wheels and the like, water wheels picking up splashy wet stuff - excellent! 

A drive home  in the dark was made entertaining by the programme on radio four, all about how the arts are being sadly neglected and sidelined in education at the moment. What a very great shame that is. I would be a totally different person if it were not for the many years of creativity in school, and the 5 years of university education in art and art teaching. How sad it is that children growing up today are pushed in a very different direction. Not that maths and science and language are unimportant, but cutting out music? Art? Drama? In this complex multi-media world? Madness.

And then there is the brexit deal or no deal. Life is full of laughs!

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